Benefits of using a Whole of Market Mortgage Broker

5/3/20242 min read

low-angle photography of man in the middle of buidligns
low-angle photography of man in the middle of buidligns

The Client

The client came to us after being declined by a mortgage Lender for a property they were looking to purchase. The client was looking for a Buy to Let property purchase. Their previous Mortgage Broker was referred to them by their estate agent. A lot of UK Mortgage Brokers work with either a closed or restricted panel of Lenders and can’t therefore approach every lender in the UK. This means their knowledge in a specialist market would be very limited.

This is where a truly “whole-of-market” Mortgage Broker like ourselves are able to demonstrate their real worth and benefit. Working with ALL UK Lenders including the Specialists, we can help our customers with both the straightforward and also difficult cases as well. Additionally, being a “Directly Authorised” firm, means we can provide tailored and specialist solutions to our clients from the widest selection of UK lenders.

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This client had sadly given up on their hopes of being able to proceed with this specific property purchase and were also planning on giving up on buying in the property market. However, being a Brokerage who always wishes to explore every single opportunity for our clients, we therefore completed a Fact Find with the client in order to fully understand their exact circumstances.

Having completed this exercise we were very confident we could help this client with their mortgage requirements to enable them to proceed with their Buy to Let property purchase. We’re delighted to say that we were successful in being able to arrange a mortgage for this client for their BTL purchase and help them realise their dreams.

Furthermore, we also helped their son and daughter for their respective Residential mortgages as a result of the excellent service and flexibility the client experienced from us in finding a complex solution to their requirements.

Things to consider

  • Being Directly Authorised means we can truly provide our customer with a whole suite of solutions for their mortgage needs.

  • Our clients have access to ALL UK Lenders, giving them the confidence that they will most certainly get the most competitive deal in the market.

  • We can help clients with simple, complicated and specialist criteria with ease.

  • If there is a solution for the client, we can find it and help the client with it.

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