Bridging Finance

We assisted a client in securing bridging finance by leveraging the value of two properties, enabling them to raise the required funds quickly for renovation work. By combining the properties, we achieved a higher loan-to-value ratio and a lower interest rate, meeting the client's needs for a short-term solution.

2/28/20241 min read

a wooden block spelling property on a wooden table
a wooden block spelling property on a wooden table

A client had an initial enquiry for bridging finance. The client had a residential property in London valued at £760,000.00 with a mortgage of £300,000.00

He wanted to raise £200,000.00 as a second charge via bridging finance as he needs the funds quickly to do work on another residential.

As this loan is a second charge regulated transaction the loan to value is limited to 60% at a rate of 0.8% it did not allow the client to raise the amount he needed.

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After further discussion with the client, we discovered that the second property had a value of £3,000,000 and a mortgage of £470,000.00. We were able to secure one loan against both properties, giving an aggregate 27% loan to value for the full amount the client needed and reducing the rate to 0.75%.

This suited the clients’ needs as the exit strategy was to sell the London property and only needed the funds for a short term and allowed the client to complete in a 2 week period.

Note: Current Max LTVs for Bridging Finance for 1st charge bridges are 75% but lower for 2nd charge bridges, typically 60%.

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