Bridging Finance with Expat BTL exit

Client from Bermuda seeking bridging finance to fund property developments in Suffolk. With the property unencumbered and the client possessing additional commercial properties, the lender's concerns are alleviated, and an Expat BTL mortgage serves as the exit strategy, offering convenience and peace of mind.

12/1/20231 min read

a bridge with a wooden bridge over a path
a bridge with a wooden bridge over a path

A client had an initial enquiry for bridging finance. The client is resident in Bermuda and bought a property in 2018 in Suffolk. The client was prepared to spend about £850,000 for the developments on the property which has been valued at £1,000,000.

The property is unencumbered. He wanted to raise £300,000.00 net via bridging finance as he needs the funds quickly to complete the final stage of works.

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After further discussion with the client, we discovered that the client had other commercial properties which could alleviate any concerns for the lenders of it being a regulated bridging finance.

This suited the client’s needs as the exit strategy is an Expat BTL mortgage, which would be sourced through us as well as. This will give him a peace of mind that all his property needs will be dealt under the same roof.

Note: Current Max LTVs for Bridging Finance for 1st charge bridges are 75% but lower for 2nd charge bridges, typically 60%.

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