Expat Buy to Let

"Unlocking solutions for expats: Our client, based in Canada, sought to secure a mortgage for her UK property despite adverse credit and shared ownership challenges. With specialist advice, we tailored an expat interest-only mortgage, paving the way for future financial flexibility."

2/4/20242 min read

a man and woman holding keys to their house
a man and woman holding keys to their house
The Client:
Our client is an Expat working as a Sales Director and living in Hong Kong until recently when he moved to Japan. The client works for a UK based multi-national company and earns good income with most of his overseas expenses also being paid by the company.
The Scenario:
The Client was seeking an Expat Residential Mortgage to enable him to purchase a property for him and his family to live in upon their upcoming return to the UK. The client had a handsome 40% deposit.
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The Solution:
Being a whole-of-market Broker, we could easily offer standard Expat mortgage rates and terms to this client as we have access to all of the Expat Mortgage Lenders, including the specialist lenders.
However, through our specialist Expat knowledge and experience along with the clients’ strong credit profile and large deposit, we were actually able to offer
him standard UK Resident (non expat) mortgage rates, even though they were still living in Japan. This was an excellent outcome for the client as the rate secured was an overall 1.1% cheaper than the cheapest Expat market rate that the client was eligible for.
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When looking for a “Buy to Live” property it is important to remember that a family member will have to occupy the property when the mortgage holder is abroad, as the property cannot be left vacant since this would invalidate the buildings insurance.
Key things to consider for Expat Mortgages:
Certain currencies will not be accepted by Lenders- usually if the currencies is considered volatile.
Expat Mortgage Interest Rates are usually higher than standard (UK Resident) mortgage rates.
Lenders’ Arrangement Fees are usually a percentage of the loan rather than a  flat / fixed fee.
The client/s will need an active bank account and credit footprint in the UK.
Loan to Values are typically lower.

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