Expat First Time Buyer with Adverse Credit

Securing a residential in the UK when one of the parties is planning on staying abroad can cause concerns for lenders. As a whole of market mortgage broker and using our Advisors’ expertise we have the ability to search the market to find a suitable lender to help our clients when they have exhausted all other avenues.

3/8/20242 min read

The Client

The clients are both Expats currently based in the UAE, working full time and looking to purchase their first home back in the UK in which they would reside in for 1/3 of the Year.

The Scenario

Following our free assessment of their current personal and financial circumstances, it was made clear one of the applicants had some adverse credit on multiple credit accounts within the last 6 years. This added an additional layer of complexity that our whole of market experienced brokers would need to find a solution for. Combining this with their Expat status meant that the number of lending options were limited. However, as a result of the second applicant having a perfect clean credit history it helped the situation, as well as the clients’ having a healthy 20% deposit.

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The Solution

Having discussed the case directly with multiple Expat Residential Mortgage Lenders, two Lenders came back with the best options for the client. One of the Lenders advised however that an application / offer would be subject to the individual underwriter’s own discretion and therefore it presented a risk of potential decline and delay for our clients.

Therefore, the second lender was chosen due to both the clients fitting well on their standard criteria. A Decision in Principle (DIP) was secured within 24 hours and two weeks later our clients had an offer accepted on their dream first home; which we were able to secure a highly competitive interest rate with an 80% Loan to Value (LTV).


Clients with adverse credit usually believe that it will be difficult to obtain a mortgage, however working with a Specialist Expat Mortgage Broker, our Mortgage Advisers have many years of experience finding solutions for complex scenarios including Expats & Foreign Nationals, as well as those with adverse credit. Our clients are regularly surprised at how competitive the mortgage interest rates we are able to secure for them.

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