Lending into retirement for Portfolio Landlords

Efficiently securing competitive funding through a specialized lender enabled a semi-retired client to swiftly refinance their Buy to Let properties, facilitating a timely acquisition of new assets without excessive fees or rates.

3/9/20241 min read

man standing beside white wall
man standing beside white wall
The Client:

The client was a semi-retired gentleman who had a portfolio of Buy to Let properties. His income mainly derived from this portfolio.


The client had the opportunity to purchase another portfolio of properties and needed to refinance his current properties quicky to secure funding for the deal. We looked at the option of remortgage but with multiple costs and valuations needed, this did not fit the clients budget or timescales. We then looked at the option of using second charge lending which was made more difficult due to many of the current mortgages being with now defunct organisations who would be unlikely to allow a second charge on their asset.

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The Solution:

Using our specialist panel of suppliers, we were able to secure funding for the client at a competitive rate with one lender who took a charge across all the properties in the client’s portfolio. This resulted in fewer charges for the client and a much quicker transaction, meaning the client was able to secure the new properties he had his heart set on.


When a client needs to move forward quickly, this does not always means higher fees and rates. As a whole of market broker we can make sure we are recommending the right lender for our clients individual situations, also making sure they are given the best customer service possible to secure the deals in a timely manner.

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