Portfolio Landlord – 2 Buy to Let Purchases

Commercial Finance Network assisted a client in swiftly securing mortgage deals for two new property purchases, demonstrating their commitment to timely service and dedication to client satisfaction, leading to significant cost savings and earning exclusive business from the client.

2/26/20242 min read

a clock on a desk with a notepad and a pen
a clock on a desk with a notepad and a pen

We first started working with this client back in November 2020 with at the time, their new Buy to Let purchase and also servicing some of their existing property portfolio. The client has an existing portfolio of Buy to Let and HMO properties.

Their key requirement when choosing a Mortgage Broker was the necessity in getting a timely service, timely updates and regular contact with a dedicated person throughout the process.  This is exactly the service which Commercial Finance Network specialise in and happens to be one of our unique selling points.

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Last month we helped this client again with two new property purchases. The client called us on a Monday morning and advised us of the 2 properties they were looking to purchase. We then searched the whole-of-market for the best deal available for them.

Following our presentation of their options, we were then able to get a Decision in Principle for the client by Monday afternoon and their purchase offer was accepted by the Vendor, due to the efficiency and speed of our service by Tuesday morning. Due to the speed in which we’re able to act both initially but also commitments to swift conclusions, our client was also able to negotiate discounts off the purchase prices, saving them several thousands of pounds in the process.

On Tuesday afternoon the applications were then submitted to the Lender. Within 24 hours from the initial point of contact with the client, we were able to submit full applications to the Lender with successful outcomes on both properties.

As well as recommending us to other members of their local property networking groups, this particular Portfolio Landlord now exclusively gives us ALL of their mortgage broker business, based on our efficiency, dedication and service delivery – key factors upon which we mostly certainly pride ourselves. The UK property market can be quick, so we need to be quicker! At ALL times, it is essential that we maintain the highest levels of Customer Service and delivery – this is the main pillar upon which Commercial Finance Network was founded and sets us apart from our competitors.

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