Purchase of a Leasehold Pub & Restaurant Business

A successful business owner and a pub/restaurant general manager secured financing for purchasing a leasehold business, leveraging their good income and expertise, with the assistance of a knowledgeable whole-of-market mortgage broker.

1/25/20241 min read

The Client: 

There are two clients in this situation. One owns and runs a successful business. The other is the general manager for the Pub / Restaurant they are looking to buy. They have a good income and they have no bad credit issues. One applicant owns a residential jointly with her husband, the other lives with her mum.  

The Scenario: 

They are looking to purchase the leasehold of the business one of the applicants is already the general manager of. They are going to purchase this into a new company and continue running it as it has been. The freehold is owned by someone else, so there will be no physical security for the commercial loan.  

The Solution: 

Being a whole-of-market Broker, we have the knowledge to know that some lenders will allow a commercial loan to buy the leasehold of a business, without tangible security. The lender did ask for the client that owns a residential home to put her house up as security. However, because the husband is a joint owner and wasn’t involved in the company purchase, this wasn’t necessary. The option that was offered was a Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) loan backed by the government.  

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It is possible to get lending on extremely complicated setups, and situations that would seen as undesirable to most lenders.   

Key things to consider for foreign income: 

  • Some lenders will allow the purchase of a leasehold company 

  • Some lenders will offer commercial loans without tangible security 

  • Some lenders will allow loans backed by the government

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