Residential Mortgage – Same Day Mortgage Offer

1/12/20241 min read

The Client

The client was an existing Homeowner who was looking to move into a larger home to start a family with their Husband. The client approached us as her husband could not go on the application since he had an adverse credit history.


The client had previously approached her existing mortgage provider, who had told her that she could not borrow the desired amount due to how they were stressing her income and expenditure.

The client had some credit card debt and also had a personal loan. The personal loan was due to finish in less than 6 months from the date of application.

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The Resolution

We managed to secure the client a mortgage with a High Street lender who would disregard the loan payments due to the remaining term. The application was submitted at 10.15 in the morning, the lender completed an automated valuation on the same day and confirmed that the property was a suitable security and had issued the binding mortgage offer before 16.00 the same day.

The lender requested no documents other than the signed mortgage declaration. This was possible as the clients salary from her employment was paid into a current account with the same bank. Some High Street lenders can check incomes in this way and it allows for a smooth and efficient client journey.

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