Residential Purchase using Let to Buy and BTL

Innovative solutions like Let to Buy Mortgages enabled a couple to leverage their existing properties for funds to purchase their new home, overcoming challenges with income and contract work.

1/29/20241 min read

The Client:

Married couple seeking to raise funds for a new residential purchase. Client’s both own a Buy to Let property each and their current residential property.


The clients were short on funds for the new purchase and are looking at creative ways in which to raise the finance.

“Mr” is a contract worker and has been for 27 years. However, Mr had a break between contracts and lenders as a rule do not like this, so this proved difficult to arrange a new residential mortgage. “Mrs” is also a fixed term contract worker but as Mrs has worked for the same company for the last 2 years and as there is no end date to the contract, the lenders were happy to use Mrs’s income; but not Mr’s so affordability for the whole scenario to work was a struggle.

The Solution:

A Let to Buy Mortgage was raised on the existing residential property, raising funds to put towards the new purchase using the projected rental income for affordability.

We used Mrs Buy to Let property to raise funds towards the residential purchase, which again is self-funding from the rental income.

The result was a very happy client and they are now able to purchase their new residential property.


Whole of market Mortgage Brokers with CeMAP qualified Advisors are always able to look at creative ways in which to solve solutions such as this.

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